5 Day Business Growth Challenge

Five days, three business tasks. Significant, rapid and noticeable business results for those who really want it

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Three pretty simple challenges over five days. Not only will you see results in those five days, but you'll get a clear idea of how to take your business to optimum performance and not be leaving any money on the table.

At the core of the Olympic Sprint Business Coaching programme is great and insightful coaching backed up by a series of specially designed business drills.Each drill supports one of the five key action points of the OSBC Business Optimisation module.

Your Instructor

Amal Douglas
Amal Douglas

Amal Douglas has developed a reputation as a thoughtful, empathetic humorous and very effective trainer and consultant. So much so that his consultancy and training work has taken him across the UK and also to Europe, Africa, Caribbean and USA to deliver training programmes on building entrepreneurial skills and most often, Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising with a publication of a book of the same name. Other books include Zakat - Raising a Fallen Pillar, Call of the Twice Removed and the stage production Diary of a 'Son of Africa'.

The Olympic Sprint Business Coaching programme brings together his passion for entrepreneurship with his love of sport, athletics in particular. His insights and parallels drawn are second to none. One can have no doubt that this programme will mark a shift in how future business coaches approach their craft and support their clients.

Course Curriculum

  Introduction and Overview
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Ideally you will take the course as soon as you signup. However, you can take it anytime you like that suits you.
How long do I have access to the course?
You can take the course anytime within three months once you've signed up.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Then you certainly need to let us know. If you let us know within 10 days from signing up we'll give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. More importantly we would like to know exactly what you are not happy with so that we can make this programme better and more effective.


If you're seeing this it should mean you've actually taken the business challenge seriously. In that case i'm pretty certain you'd have re-kindled and old customer, got at least one or two new leads, and will have a much better sales and sales preparation strategy in place.

Please let us know about how the challenge was for you and what has happened since by emailing [email protected]

You may even want to try out our Premium Online Subscription for a month and see how many of the 10+ programmes you can get through and put into action within that time.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Amal Douglas

Senior Consultant.

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