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This dynamic course is short, compact and absolutely packed with information with advice and resources that take your fundraising to a new level. You can also view it as a taster of what's in our other paid fundraising and business courses, but for most this will be absolutely enough to be getting on with.

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Amal Douglas
Amal Douglas

Amal Douglas has developed a reputation as a thoughtful, empathetic humorous and very effective trainer and consultant. So much so that his consultancy and training work has taken him across the UK and also to Europe, Africa, Caribbean and USA to deliver training programmes on building entrepreneurial skills and most often, Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising with a publication of a book of the same name. Other books include Zakat - Raising a Fallen Pillar, Call of the Twice Removed and the stage production Diary of a 'Son of Africa'.

The Olympic Sprint Business Coaching programme brings together his passion for entrepreneurship with his love of sport, athletics in particular. His insights and parallels drawn are second to none. One can have no doubt that this programme will mark a shift in how future business coaches approach their craft and support their clients.

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